IYGRaffi  April 19, 2022

I belong to myriad car sites and groups on social media. Each time somebody posts pictures and details on their low-mileage car, other members who use their cars “regularly” take the opportunity to jump all over the poster for not driving his or her car. I find this ridiculing utterly, well… ridiculous. First of all, who gets to define the correct number of miles you should put on your car? For starters, some of these low-mileage car owners have multiple vehicles, so putting 1,000 miles/year on a car may be quite a feat if they have 25 cars. Nevertheless, irrespective of how many cars they own, why do you care how many miles somebody else racks up on their car? Most low-mileage car owners are well aware of the extra care needed regarding seals, lubrication and the likes. They’re willing to do the extra work and pay for the maintenance.  

I’ll bet these ridiculers also find themselves salivating at pristine, low-mileage classics at their local cars and coffee. Let’s be honest, what car enthusiast doesn’t love seeing a near perfect example of a classic? 
Bottom line: use your car the way YOU want and let others use theirs the way they enjoy their car. That’s why they bought it. If they like it parked in their garage, so be it. Stop acting like you’re the authority on how many miles somebody else’s car should be driven. You know who you are. 

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